Human Error at Fault in 90% of Road Accidents

This article discusses the large percentage of car accidents (90% to be exact) that are actually caused by human error. This means that a large portion of car accidents are due to the drivers lack of driving ability or failure to pay attention. This problem calls for a larger push to increase the performance abilities of drivers in order to make drivers more aware of their environment. The article goes on to back up the severity of these claims by supporting its argument with statistical data. One example of this data is that, according to the chairman of the International Organization for Road Accident Prevention, 1.3 million deaths occur internationally every year due to car accidents on the road. Additionally, the number of deaths from traffic accidents is projected to rise 67% from 2000 to 2020, and specifically 144% in the Southeast Asia. The article stresses that since this is a man-made problem, it is solvable and that if enough initiative and action is taken, then we can significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents.

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